Instructional Design

More than 15 years experience designing curriculum for online learning. I understand the secret to learning online - creating curiosity and interest before providing content. In the 21st century, instructional design includes crafting a learning environment for informavours. Instruction and curriculum are most effective when they serve as a catalyst for epistemic engagement … stated simply, learning happens when an individual becomes curious enough to forage for answers to their probing questions.


Podutainment, microlectures, SWC - Rapid Instructional Design, kBURSTS, Relationship Magnetism and micropublishing. During rapidly changing times, a focus on effective, time-saving, resource optimizing innovations are key to ultimate success. You want a forward thinker who can effectively scan both crrent and emerging techologies and their applications to ensure that your programs are well designed, effectively implemented and strategically evaluated.

Behavioral Science

More than 30 years experience working with individuals, families and communities in managing behavioral challenges. Specializing in effective multicultural interactions, treating anxiety and depression and helping families realize and achieve the benefits of tranquility in the home. Identifying and addressing microaggression arising out of discrimination. Providing coaching, mediation, conciliation and negotiation to help stakeholders find mutually acceptable resolutions.

IQ ≤ CQ + PQ

“The determining factor in each individual achieving their highest intellectual potential has less to do with a score derived by their performance on a standardized INTELLIGENCE test and more to do with their CURIOSITY and PASSION. Interestingly, these (curiosity quotient and passion quotient) can be awakened in every human being. The implications for education in the 21st century are that EVERY LEARNER has the ability to awaken a genius within."

David M. Penrose


ID - OnCall
Antioch University
San Juan College
Truman State University
ND Assoc. of Tribal Colleges
United Tribes Technical College
Bismarck State College
Sitting Bull College
Missouri Department of Corrections
Red River Human Services
Brandon Training School



  • Capella University
    Instructional Design for Online Learning

  • Indiana University
    Distance Education

  • University of Missouri - Sr. Louis
    Clinical Psychopharmacology

  • Michigan State University
    Cross-Cultural Counseling Psychology

  • MidAmerica Nazarene University
    Practical Theology

  • Riverview Gardens High School