In the online learning environment, it is helpful to provide complex information in a stimulating way. In this example, motion graphics illustrate the difference of productivity between a diverse and inclusive workplace and one that is not or is less diverse or inclusive. Notice the included citation?

It is important to provide a citation so that learners can check the references and verify the accuracy of the infograph.


I created this video to be used as a promotional demonstration for online learning at the United States Sports Academy. USSA is completely online and offers Certificates, Certifications, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees in the field of Sport.

USSA is fullly accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. They offer programs in both the United States and onsite certification in China, Thailand, Indonesia, Bahrain, and UAE.


A fast paced back and forth between faculty at the United States Sports Academy. Drs Bret Simmermacher, Brandon Spradley and Fred Cromartie were responsible for recording over 100 episodes devoted to the “point-counter point” approach to discussing issues of the day.

This original content was utilized in online courses to provide current material enhancing existing instruction.


I created this video to be used as a promotional video for the Finnish developed FasciaMethod® Certification Program. Two Finnish Physiotherapists - Anne Puranen and Viivi Kettukangas were the subject matter experts and appeared in all of the instructional videos.

For a rapid development, multiple assets were purchased from and compiled using Adobe After Effects.


In 2019, one thing is clear … using third party assets and incorporating them into instructional videos saves time and money and ensures that the end product meets the highest possible standard.

This brief video is incorporated into multiple courses, to give students a refresher of the multiple systmes in the human body. The video includes referenced links to the YouTube original. This began as a proof of concept to demonstrate to administration that students prefer instruction that is visually pleasing and somewhat interactive.


The United States Sports Academy worked closely with ProfTraining of Finland and two physiotherapists to bring their FasciaMethod Training and Certification to the United States and eventually to a global marketplace.

This project demonstrates my ability to create a quality course by collaborating virtually with Subject Matter Experts located in another time zone on another continent. This course was developed in 2018 and continues to this day.


Prior to my tenure at the United States Sports Academy, there had not been an institutional course management plan. Courses were developed and upgraded using text only content. Since every course and degree program is 100% online, it was obvious that a strategic approach to introduce and utilize multimedia instruction on a universal scale was needed.

This video illustrates a principle known as front loading - providing an engaging introduction to the Unit of instruction. 


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Antioch University
San Juan College
Truman State University
ND Association of Tribal Colleges
United Tribes Technical College
21st Century Marketing
The Internet Connection
Bismarck State College
Sitting Bull College
West Central Human Services
Missouri Department of Corrections
Red River Human Services
Brandon Training School
United States Navy
United States Navy Reserve
United States Army Reserve
United States Air Force Reserve



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Instructional Design for Online Learning

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COVID 19 Contact Tracing

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